NEW FIRE Youth Ministry Program

The name NEW FIRE means that the young Catholics of St. Joseph are a new portion of something ancient. An ancient fire started at Pentecost by the will of Christ, and that fire has been burning throughout history from apostle to apostle until now. We are the new generation of disciples on our way to becoming apostles.

At our baptism we receive a spark of The Ancient Fire. With our free will we decide to fan that spark into a flame and then fully take part in This Fire at our confirmation.

SPARK meets every Sunday at the Youth Room from 1:15pm-3:00 Sept. - May

FLAME meets every Sunday at the Youth Room from 6:30pm-8:30 Sept. - May

NEW FIRE Friday Morning prayer is every Friday in the St. Joseph Adoration Chapel at 8:00am Sept. - May. This event is open to all who would like to participate.

What NEW FIRE offers for Youth and Parents.

Disciple means "student". Apostle means "teacher". This group is the transformation from student to teacher of the Gospel message given to us by Jesus.

It is the goal of this Youth Ministry to make sure that all members of NEW FIRE fully realize their vocation to be disciples and apostles of Christ in their day to day lives, and to make sure that they are equipped to live in a deep friendship with the Holy Spirit as they make choices that will impact South Lyon and spread the Gospel.


Middle School students are invited to join SPARK which is grounded in committing our baptismal promises to heart, to learning who our fellow disciples are, and then forming ways together to live out those promises in our daily activities. Spark focuses more on teamwork events and prayer. Most of these events take place on St. Joseph grounds.


High School students are invited to join FLAME. Baptism produces a spark in the soul but Confirmation fans that spark into a flame with the potential to transform society. Since the sacrament of confirmation at St. Joseph is celebrated during a student’s 9th grade year, the focus of FLAME is to instruct members on how to move from being a disciple (student) to now being an apostle (teacher). You network with fellow members as brother and sister apostles in Christ and then go out and minister to South Lyon and the greater Detroit area through good works.

NEW FIRE Friday morning prayer

On Friday mornings at 8, NEW FIRE members chant the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the Adoration Chapel at St. Joseph.

Please note: This is only a group calendar and not the official calendar for events at St. Joseph parish. To see the official calendar please visit the Home page.

During the time of the virus lockdowns, NEW FIRE youth ministry decided to work with St. Joseph Garden Ministry and take back over 20,000 bottles and cans in order to fund and construct our new beautiful St. Michael prayer garden. Please enjoy this video produced by Robert Wertheimer of Spectacle Lighting.

Special thanks to:
-Maggie Kurtzweil (Head of Garden Ministry)
-Stone Depot for supplying us with all of the landscaping material.
-And all of the parishioners who donated cans, came out to help with the construction, or both. God Bless you all!

You can contact Mr. Justin anytime at or 248-446-8700 ex:111