Kindergarten & Pre-K Religious Formation

St. Joseph Religious Formation Program

We strongly support the essential role of parents in bringing children into a life of faith. It is the parents' Christian example, their participation in the celebration of the Eucharist, and their commitment to the education of their children, in which the Truth of their Faith is taught.

Our mission is to educate each individual to develop an active life of faith, and to encourage parents and children to grow in faith together.

Kindergarten and Pre-K Religious Formation

Our program is held during the 10:00 am Mass. Classes begin at the beginning of October and go through the end of April. Our curriculum materials, Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are used to teach your child the same Gospel you are hearing in Mass, but on their level.

Registration is required.

All Saint's Day Parade

For information, registration, and to volunteer, please contact:

Jennifer Balog

Sunday Religious Formation Coordinator

(248)446-8700 x.114

Kim Donahue

Director of Religious Formation

(248) 446-8700, Ext 115

During the Thanksgiving season the children made necklaces and presented them to one another. This gave them the opportunity to experience the act and feelings associated with giving and receiving.

One of the ways the children have celebrated within the Advent season was to perform the song. “ Hallelujah, Hurry the Lord is Near” before the 10:00 am Mass.

Prayer Blankets

In the past the children have made fleece tie blankets for parishioners in our parish that are in need of extra prayers.

They tied the blankets, prayed over them, and made Valentine's Day cards for the designated person or family.

And, then they took the blankets to the Church for Fr. Stan to bless along with the parish family.

Always blessed to have the opportunity to give!