Kindergarten & Pre-K Religious Formation

St. Joseph Religious Formation Program

We strongly support the essential role of parents in bringing children into a life of faith. It is the parents' Christian example, their participation in the celebration of the Eucharist, and their commitment to the education of their children, in which the Truth of their Faith is taught.

Our mission is to educate each individual to develop an active life of faith, and to encourage parents and children to grow in faith together.

Kindergarten and Pre-K Religious Formation

Due to COVID-19, all Sunday morning classes will be held remotely - at home and online. We will continue to use the Pflaum Gospel Weekies curriculum. We have found this curriculum to be the most convenient online program for families and the best way to keep our children connected to the parish community.

​Registration is required. Tuition for the year has been discounted to reflect the online curriculum.

2020-2021 Tuition is $30.00 per child.

All Saint's Day Parade

Our children are thankful for many things. Please stop by our bulletin board and read all of their answers. We also created cross necklaces and had an exchange with another class. We learned to give, receive and be thankful.

Contact Us

For information, registration, and to volunteer, contact:

Jennifer Balog

Sunday Morning Coordinator

(248) 446-8700 Ext 114

Kim Donahue

Director of Religious Formation

(248) 446-8700 Ext 115