The Praying Hands Garden is aptly named after the praying hands bird bath nestled in the garden with variegated ivy and creeping sedum. This bird bath is perfect for hummingbirds and if you look closely, you just might see one! This garden embraces the front doors of the church and it welcomes those on their daily or weekly pilgrimage of prayer and community worship. READ MORE...

The Stained-Glass Garden

The Stained-Glass Garden is the garden along the sidewalk at the front of the church where the stained-glass windows are located. Hostas of various varieties, sizes, and shades are the dominate plants and the focal point, along with the nestling of wispy ferns and rush. READ MORE...

The Sycamore Island Garden

The Passionflower symbols

Prayerful place outside the Chapel

The Boulevard Island Gardens

The Bird Bath Garden

No garden would be complete without a bird bath. The Bird Bath Garden is designed to remind us of an old-fashioned cottage garden complete with daisies, roses, hosta and yes, a bird bath. READ MORE...

The Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel