Call Ministry Team


To connect registered parishioners more firmly to the parish family with an outcome focused on care, encouragement and prayer by capturing and understanding their thoughts and needs.

Love talking on the phone?

The Call Ministry team is looking for motivated parishioners to become a part of building

up the Kingdom of God.

Let us know if you are interested

and best date/time to connect

by calling Linda Zagornik @ 734-674-5236

or emailing:

Information and/or training sessions will

occur in the Evangelization room as needed

What does a Call Minister do?

  • Commit to connecting with 30 parishioners/families within a 30-day period with a phone call or a text.

  • Families are assigned to you. Using a script, you identify how a family is doing and if the parish

can help them in any way. Offer to pray with the individual if they would like you to, or capture their prayer intention to be offered at Mass.

  • Keep a record of the calls made, who you have talked with, a prayer intention, etc.

  • You may sign up for another 30 days at any time.

  • YOU may represent the only touch point in our diverse and distant parish family members.

•The Call Ministry Administrator(CMA) will handle any oversight, train you and answer your questions .

CMA will report outcomes weekly with Director of Evangelization/Director of Christian Service for appropriate follow up.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this team, please call our (CMA) Call Ministry Administrator:

Linda Zagornik @ 734-674-5236 or

Mark Luther @ 248-446-8700 x120