DATE: Jan 5th - Feb 9th, 2022


TIME: Wednesday Evenings 7-8:30pm

Childcare: is NOT available for this session


$30 per couple to cover the cost of the "Couples Guide"


Multipurpose Room (MPR)


So you’ve shared an anniversary or two... or twenty... or maybe you’re about to be married.

You’ve learned a lot about yourselves and each other. But what if marriage is more than you think it is?

What if God has woven into the very fabric of your humanity a purposeful need and desire that can only be fulfilled in your marriage? What if your marriage is designed to be a mysterious, powerful, and vital part of God’s work in the world?

This series is open to couples – married and unmarried – to explore the true meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage. Please bring your significant other to explore this series together!

Registration is required, and the cost is $30 per couple to cover a “Couple’s Guide” for this series.

Light refreshments will be served at each session.

Facilitators: Deacon Chris and Teresa

Questions? email -or- call Mark@ 248-446-8700 x 120 if you are interested in this program.